Tigers Mascot and Motto

Howard Optional Education Placment

         Tigers are unique and cunning for prosperity

The unique features of a tiger:

  •   A majestic coat

             o With a distinct range of colors and stripes

             o With over a hundred stripes; these stripes are different in every tiger and the pattern will never be the same in any two, just as the physical features are never the same in any two human beings.

             o With colors and stripes they camouflage perfectly in the wild

  • Powerful and skillful

            o Are 11 to 13 feet long and weighing 250 to 700 pounds

            o Can swim for 6 km without stopping

            o Can run up to 65 mph

            o Can climb and jump, jumping over 5 - 6 meters in length

            o Can walk with their claws inside their paws to keep them sharp

The features tigers use to become cunning and to prosper:

  • Tigers use their strength and skills to hunt their prey. They must hunt and overpower their prey in order to eat.

           o Use their camouflage to hide from their prey

           o Use their powerful body to overpower their prey

           o Use their sharp claws and sharp teeth as tools in hunting

  • Tigers are skillful and cunning enough to take care of their tools

          o Pulling in their claws as they walk prevents the claws from getting worn and keeps them sharp

By using all their features and skills tigers are successful in the wild and prosper. 

Now you decide by answering these questions below;

How can we learn from tigers?

Why is the tiger an appropriate mascot for Howard Optional Placement program?